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Ultimos Anos ultimosanos at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 11:10:40 PST 2006

"Wouldn't it be a scoop to find out what is on the stereo at the Corwood
Industries headquarters? "

Maybe.  But one thing that is more possible is to find artists who've
clearly had Corwood Industries on their stereo, and often, extremely
fascinating, when they record responses to it.  At first I had some music
that responded to Jandek, and I was a little ashamed of it, I thought maybe
it's a bit derivative.  But hearing what other people have done being
semi-derivative of Jandek, I'm not ashamed of the concept anymore.  Artists
pilfer from each other constantly and sometimes if you listen close they
acknowledge the person directly with references.  Like there is an artistic
version of citing your sources somehow with tips of the hat.  So, it doesn't
have to be bad to be a litle influenced by the guy, not at all.

Anyway, I'll share some super fascinating places where I feel liek the
people either must be secret Jandek collaborators, or Jandek secretly
collaborated with them, oh and by the way, some of these albums seem to
anticipate Corwood Industries, but literally sound like they must have
incldued him, listened to him, consulted him, or had him help out or
something.... it's really quite distrubing.  Mail me if this is curious or
you have been doing the same kind of thing, I don't want to bother
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