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Ultimos Anos ultimosanos at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 11:05:11 PST 2006

"Just curious...I realize he's eccentric, eclectic, and probably a few more
'E' words"

Well, I knew a guy once who called a music project "Existential Euphemistic
Equilibrium".  Man, what a lame project title, but oddly enough given your
random statement I think that could apply in the present context.  Except
maybe the "euphemistic."  Not sure what that meant in the present context or
here.  Well, well.

Don't try looking for that album by the way.  I think it's "ultra-rare." And
probably his worst project.  Would be funny if it actually turned anything
up, have a feeling it won't lead you anywhere though.  I did a little
mastering on that project, and I didn't even get so much as a free copy of
the cd... maybe that tells you a little.  I have some good recordings with
the guy who made that album, though.  One of those weird cases of someone
who sorta had some glimmers of excellent taste, but ended up going down the
path of listening to midi jazz in his car every day.

Randomly yours,
Sir Ultimos
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