[Jandek] approaching the man

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Wed Nov 22 13:06:43 PST 2006

There are two kinds of approachable: physical and reasonable. At small
venues, the man is *very* physically approachable; the place is so small
that he will be within arm's reach at least once, and you could probably
talk to him. However, these contacts usually come as he's coming/going,
and aren't very practical.

Reasonably? Interestingly, he's probably a *lot* more of a regular guy
than you would think. That is, I imagine he would find it very bizarre to
sign a CD or autograph something, and that might turn him off. I would
recommend simply saying, 'Thanks for a great show,' or, 'I'm really
looking forward to the show tonight.'

The man loves feedback. If you see him afterward, tell him that you liked
the show; tell him what you liked about it. If you don't get an
opportunity to at the show, write him a letter afterward. He really cares
that people enjoy his shows.

As with anyone: if he looks uncomfortable that you've approached him, make
it (very) short and sweet. If he's chatty (this, of course, being relative
to Corwood, haha), go with it.


> Has anyone ever talked to Jandek at any of the shows? Had a photo taken
> with him? Had him sign a CD or such? Does he really not like people
> approaching him, or are people afraid that he'll freak if they try? Just
> curious...I realize he's eccentric, eclectic, and probably a few more 'E'
> words, but he is a human being like all of us. It'd be interesting to have
> a few words with him before or after a performance.
>   Jeremy
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