[Jandek] approaching the man

Allen Rendel arendel at ripco.com
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When I saw him at the Film Archives in NYC last year I overheard the show
organizer asking somebody who worked there is there was a back stairway out
of the building for Mr. Smith, as he was ready to leave and apparently
wanted to avoid seeing anyone on his way out.  As it turned out, there was
no back way out and when I left through the main lobby, he was standing
there talking to a handful of people.  I stood a couple of feet away and
pretended to be reading the notice board, so I overheard the conversation
and got a good look at him (kinda rude, I know, but I could not resist).  He
was having a perfectly normal conversation with some folks about what a nice
time he had had in New York and how good the musicians who had played with
him were.

So........kind of a non answer.  I personally would've felt comfortable just
saying a quick hello and thanks, except that he was in the middle of another

Allen Rendel
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  Has anyone ever talked to Jandek at any of the shows? Had a photo taken
with him? Had him sign a CD or such? Does he really not like people
approaching him, or are people afraid that he'll freak if they try? Just
curious...I realize he's eccentric, eclectic, and probably a few more 'E'
words, but he is a human being like all of us. It'd be interesting to have a
few words with him before or after a performance.


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