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Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Thu Nov 16 21:23:44 PST 2006

Corwood directly benefits more from you purchasing a single disc from
them. Any online retailer has more than likely purchased the discs at the
20 for $4 deal, meaning that their $8 CD provides them at the most a $4
profit - less if they ship for free. On the other hand, if you purchase
directly from Corwood for $8 they are making roughly $4 or $5 off of that
purchase, subtracting for shipping, overhead at the studio and the plant.

Also, and I forgot who brought this up, but the method of payment does not
at all affect the rate of turnover on an order. When I place order by
check he usually cashes it 3-4 weeks later, sometimes earlier, but never
later. Regardless, I always receive the shipment within a week, unless
he's out of town.


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> From: "stacey graham"
>> The recent discussion of mailing times has made me realize that I have,
>> for
>> whatever reason, purchased both from Corwood and also from some of the
>> online specialty record stores.  It seems like the prices were more or
>> less
>> comparable, the reasons I did it online were that I wanted stuff quicker
>> and
>> wanted to pay via credit card.
>> This may be a dumb question, but does dealing with a small company such
>> as
>> Corwood direct benefit Corwood financially better than purchasing from a
>> retailer?
> There are too many variables to say for sure, but I'd guess so. If the
> prices are comprable, then the online retailer is probably getting some
> mark-up that would have gone to Corwood on direct orders.
> Suppose we have a $12 CD where three dollars goes to shipping. That's nine
> dollars that goes expenses and profit.
> Now, if an online retailer is charging nine dollars, plus shipping, that
> would mean they paid a good amount less than nine dollars for it.
>   Is it easier for Corwood to not have to send out orders one by
>> one, especially seeing as to how things are probably a busier
>> (HOORAY!!!)
>> for Corwood right now than they have ever been?
> Sure, it's easier to not have to put CDs in envelopes, address them and
> take
> them to the post office than to do so, but if he really minded, he
> wouldn't
> bother with direct orders.
> I try to buy direct from the artist whenever possible because that way
> they're sure to get paid for the CD and because they'd probably like to
> know
> that someone is listening to them.
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