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Ordering direct certainly creates more coin in the pockets of Corwood.
Wholesale rates for compact discs are around 2/3rds - 3/4ths of what the
direct mail order price is, then you factor in shipping, handling and
retailer mark up (totally arbitrary and can be anywhere from 10-40%)
then you arrive at similar figure for retail and direct... 
In the case of Jandek it's 50-50, do you support the man or do you help
out the dedicated independent retailers brave/innovative enough to stock
Corwood material... I'll leave that one for the philosophers, but in
this day in age I would back the music store every time.

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	The recent discussion of mailing times has made me realize that
I have, for whatever reason, purchased both from Corwood and also from
some of the online specialty record stores.  It seems like the prices
were more or less comparable, the reasons I did it online were that I
wanted stuff quicker and wanted to pay via credit card. 
	This may be a dumb question, but does dealing with a small
company such as Corwood direct benefit Corwood financially better than
purchasing from a retailer?  Is it easier for Corwood to not have to
send out orders one by one, especially seeing as to how things are
probably a busier (HOORAY!!!) for Corwood right now than they have ever
	Stacey Graham
	Minneapolis  MN   USA

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