[Jandek] corwood vs retail 4 orders...

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Thu Nov 16 17:34:24 PST 2006

> This may be a dumb question, but does dealing with a small company 
> such as
> Corwood direct benefit Corwood financially better than purchasing 
> from a
> retailer? 

I can tell you DIRECTLY from experience (in the selling of my book) YES! Direct to Corwood means the $8 replaces his costs for pressing and maybe a little for him. When you buy from an online retailer, and you pay the same price you do to Corwood ($8), then he's paying for his pressing cost and the distributor, and probably taking nothing for himself. But, you know, he needs to "move them," so it seems far more important to him to get the music out there in more places than to make more money off it. 

Mind you,I want to balance that by pointing out the importance of a store like Earrational or Aquarius or Forced Exposure (or in an independent record store). By buying from them (as opposed to say Amazon) you keep the smaller businesses in business. 

So I think it's a pretty good deal either way. BUT, when you order online you don't get those cool typed catalogs. 

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