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Thu Nov 16 15:07:27 PST 2006

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From: "stacey graham"

> The recent discussion of mailing times has made me realize that I have, 
> for
> whatever reason, purchased both from Corwood and also from some of the
> online specialty record stores.  It seems like the prices were more or 
> less
> comparable, the reasons I did it online were that I wanted stuff quicker 
> and
> wanted to pay via credit card.
> This may be a dumb question, but does dealing with a small company such as
> Corwood direct benefit Corwood financially better than purchasing from a
> retailer?

There are too many variables to say for sure, but I'd guess so. If the 
prices are comprable, then the online retailer is probably getting some 
mark-up that would have gone to Corwood on direct orders.

Suppose we have a $12 CD where three dollars goes to shipping. That's nine 
dollars that goes expenses and profit.

Now, if an online retailer is charging nine dollars, plus shipping, that 
would mean they paid a good amount less than nine dollars for it.

  Is it easier for Corwood to not have to send out orders one by
> one, especially seeing as to how things are probably a busier (HOORAY!!!)
> for Corwood right now than they have ever been?

Sure, it's easier to not have to put CDs in envelopes, address them and take 
them to the post office than to do so, but if he really minded, he wouldn't 
bother with direct orders.

I try to buy direct from the artist whenever possible because that way 
they're sure to get paid for the CD and because they'd probably like to know 
that someone is listening to them. 

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