[Jandek] CHILL:re sterling

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Tue May 23 07:57:34 PDT 2006

But if all people are born equal, then shouldn't we treat each other with
equal respect? If you prefer to be addressed by a certain name while
conducting certain business, then wouldn't you expect people to do so? It
has nothing to do with freedom of information - I know a lot of names I
could call people - and it's not really about idolizing. Respect, plain
and simple. I would imagine that he would do the same for any one of us.


> Whilst I don't agree with Chads method of delivery... I concur with his
> message.  But then again, my motto is "no gods, no masters" and I firmly
> believe in the freedom of information and that all people are born
> equal.
> You idolise someone or put so much stock in the way they conduct
> themselves you are asking to be let down... I can just imagine the
> furore that will errupt here when Jandek goes on an full tour with
> tickets sold through ticketmaster or what have you....

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