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I fully agree with Steven. I don't see the need to be so extremely worried
about how one refers to Jandek/Corwood/Sterling/whatever as a lot of people
seem to be. Remember that, although he does make the music he does, he is
still an ordinary person. Putting him on such a high, untouchable pedestal
seems needless and wrong to me.

There's also the fact that the meeting which a few people refer to, where he
stated that he never wanted to be contacted re. Jandek/Corwood again,
happened a long time ago, and in particular before the, now not infrequent
and relatively high profile (cf. ATP), live performances.

Personally if I were to write or speak to him I would probably use Jandek or
Corwood, but would hope not to be too worried about the issue. I'm pretty
sure he can cope however a letter is addressed.

On 5/23/06, Carlin, Steven J <Steven.Carlin at mottmac.com> wrote:
>  Whilst I don't agree with Chads method of delivery... I concur with his
> message.  But then again, my motto is "no gods, no masters" and I firmly
> believe in the freedom of information and that all people are born equal.
> You idolise someone or put so much stock in the way they conduct
> themselves you are asking to be let down... I can just imagine the furore
> that will errupt here when Jandek goes on an full tour with tickets sold
> through ticketmaster or what have you....
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>  *alien·ation*
> Pronunciation: "A-lE-&-'nA-sh&n, "Al-y&-
> Function: *noun*
> *1* *:* a withdrawing or separation of a person or a person's affections
> from an object or position of former attachment <*alienation* … from the
> values of one's society and family —S. L. Halleck>
> *2* *:* a state of abnormal function; * especially* *:* mental derangement
> *:* INSANITY<http://dictionary.reference.com/medical/search?db=mwmed&nq=insanity>
> *3*: Jandek
> *4*: shouting obscenities to a small minority of people of people that may
> have had some similar musical interests as you.
> Good luck finding some common ground @ Starbucks, dude.
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