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Carlin, Steven J Steven.Carlin at mottmac.com
Tue May 23 01:32:40 PDT 2006

Whilst I don't agree with Chads method of delivery... I concur with his
message.  But then again, my motto is "no gods, no masters" and I firmly
believe in the freedom of information and that all people are born
You idolise someone or put so much stock in the way they conduct
themselves you are asking to be let down... I can just imagine the
furore that will errupt here when Jandek goes on an full tour with
tickets sold through ticketmaster or what have you....

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	Pronunciation: "A-lE-&-'nA-sh&n, "Al-y&-
	Function: noun
	1 : a withdrawing or separation of a person or a person's
affections from an object or position of former attachment <alienation
... from the values of one's society and family -S. L. Halleck> 
	2 : a state of abnormal function; especially : mental
derangement : INSANITY

	3: Jandek

	4: shouting obscenities to a small minority of people of people
that may have had some similar musical interests as you.

	Good luck finding some common ground @ Starbucks, dude.


	Rich Ladew

	ladewr at comcast.net

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