[Jandek] thoughts on Newcastle Sunday

Colin Frangos nadirn at pacbell.net
Wed Mar 8 19:25:31 PST 2006

Lauren Ciechanowski wrote:

>Re: the effects you were talking about, Stacey, what gets me the most
>about Jandek (aside from his lyrics) is how he is clearly a well-versed
>musician. Listening to tracks like 'The Beginning' and even 'The Electric
>End,' you see he has a familiarity with his instruments that evidences
>excellent technique. He is merely choosing a style of music and a style of
>recording aesthetic that are completely outside of a lot of conventional
>methods. And that's what I love about the music.
I think it's a tempting notion that anyone doing something off kilter like Jandek is actually extremely talented in the traditional sense but is choosing to do things their own way. Lou Reed has often attempted to portray himself as a classical music prodigy, but has as of yet to back it up. Similarly, I've heard more than one person claim that Janky is musical genius, but I just don't see it.

I think he's got a great ear. I'm positive that he couldn't play a scale in any key. I'm quite sure that he can't play the same song the same way twice. I don't think less of him for it. His music moves me, which means more to me than his technical skill. If anything, his talent is in subverting the traditional rules of music, not in being accomplished in them.

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