[Jandek] A Capella Clues

Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 6 19:27:04 PST 2006

I just picked up cd copies of the three a capella albums and would like to 
say, i was pleasantly suprised but also notice some crazy things.

First off, it seems like our man Janky has a common thread or obsession 
during these three albums.  I can't even keep track of how many times he 
mentions "granite" or "iron" or "cast iron" and a house etc.  It seems 
important on just these three albums. This made me want to keep listening 
over and over.

another tiny thing I noticed is that on the song "You Wake Up Deadman" 
between 1:56 and 2:13 the lines "and even then that island is an (enigma?) 
and they long for the trash barrel" sound like a completely different 
recording?  Those two lines are much crappier quality, and right after those 
lines are done it goes right back to a damn near crystal quality. I wonder 

Through my years in the military, I also noticed that there is a good chance 
that the song "Worthless Recluse" is in code.  The pauses, duration of 
pitch, and inflection are all similar to that to extremely basic verbal 
coding used in most militaries.  It seems that its the only track off of 
that album that is like that, but I may need to listen to it a little more.

Why 42 heads of lettuce and 888 potatoes .. ya know?

I will get back to you all after I listen to them each a couple more times.

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