[Jandek] Album Numbering

Gavin rangoon at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 26 00:42:48 PST 2006

If you have a theory about the Corwood album numbering sequence, here
would be as good a place as any to air your ideas, as there are people
on the list who have proferred ideas and possible explanations in the

> If the subject is still one that is unresolved within the Jandek ether
> I think I would prefer to attempt to contact Jandek directly and try to 
> ascertain from him whether or not he would like this fact revealed.  

It might be worth writing to Corwood if you're so certain of the
explanation that it may shed rather more light on the Jandek 'mystery'
than might be desirable - but the likelihood of getting anything more
than a 'we neither confirm nor deny this' is slender (I would
imagine), as Corwood have never really offered confirmation of
anything in the past...I am definitely intrigued as to what you might
think - would it not be worth just posting your theory and opening it
up to debate here?


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