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Fri Jan 27 06:39:58 PST 2006

Starting point is Jandek's math on "Ready For The House"; 3x4=27
3x4 is not 27, it is 12
add the correct and incorrect answers; 27+12=39
now add, as opposed to multiplying, 3 and 4; 3+4=7
combine both results, 7 and 39, without adding; 739, or 0739
Perhaps a coincidence (which I consider to be nothing but a rip in the fabric of reality which presents a view of the underlying, all connecting framework, but whatever), but given that it appears on album numero uno, I've always assumed that this bad-math had something or other to do with the catalogue numbering...
This would actually be the third time that I've posted this theory of mine to the Jandek email list over the last bunch of years, and I don't think that I've ever heard one word back about anybody's else's opinion on this one... so fire back, please, at will...
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