[Jandek] Jandek mentioned on the Onion AV Club

Jonathan Lee jplee at cox.net
Thu Feb 23 07:19:57 PST 2006


They ask people to put their iPods on shuffle and comment on what they
hear.  Sort of like Wire mag's invisible jukebox, but not.  On page 2
Ben "Death Cab for Cutie" Gibbard's iPod comes up with Message to the
Clerk pt 2.  His comment below:

BG: My iPod's cooler than me right now! My intro to Jandek was through
my girlfriend, Joan. They're both from Houston and I remember her at
some point bringing up Jandek and me being like, "Who the hell is
Jandek?" She gave me the whole backstory about this reclusive, secret
singer-songwriter that makes these weird records. At some point a couple
of years ago, I bought three Jandek records and realized at that point
that I really only needed one.

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