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Wed Feb 22 13:30:09 PST 2006

"It is so irritating that "Nancy Sings" always gets picked ... its like 
Jandek's pop hit or some shit...."
  Always? How many times is that? Three? Let's face it, most of the people buying the comp have probably never heard Jandek, so they're likely to immediately enjoy the relatively normal "Nancy Sings", with its melody and pretty lyrics, than any of the three songs you mentioned, all of which are pretty fucked up and take some appreciation of Jandek to, well, appreciate. And even if they never like another Jandek song, what's the problem? Jankface still got some exposure, right?
Jumbalaya Negro <couchsong at hotmail.com> wrote:
  It is so irritating that "Nancy Sings" always gets picked ... its like 
Jandek's pop hit or some shit....
How about "Slinky Parade", "Star of Zenith" or "You Can Stop Now" It just 
seems that some people don't delve far enough into the catalog. Don't be 
afraid it isn't going to kill you...
I have held 3 monthly jandek listening parties where we listen to all of the 
albums in a row including the two tribute albums, we have wine and some good 
snacks and force ourselves to no sleep or bathroom breaks... it can get 
maniacal but it is well worth it to immerse yourself in such an impressive 
body of work.....I have yet to own "Khartoum Variations" or "Newcastle 
Sunday" and I can't wait to do it with them also... I am also eager for 
"Manhattan Tuesday" I was at that show at it was phenomanal.

On a side note.. My best friend and co-founder of my band Dr. Bluepen and 
His Wandering What, BJ Brown, passed away on Saturday February 18th. He 
suffered with 6 bouts of cancer over 7 years. Him and I drove down to 
Manhattan to see Jandek at the Anthology Film Archive. He was an intense 
fan of Jandek, and he told me since 2000 that his dream was to see Jandek 
live.... I kept teasing him saying "ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN" he proved me 
wrong... We also had the lucky opportunity to converse with "a 
representative from Corwood" over the telephone. These were dreams realized 
for BJ Brown.... He will be sorely missed, and I plan on painting more 
Jandek covers because I know he would want me to continue.....


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