[Jandek] Newcastle Sunday lyrics (disc two 1 & 2)

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Feb 18 09:23:31 PST 2006

Here's the start of the second disc.  More to come!

1. Some Other Name (angular, atonal and bluesy - really kicks up halfway through)

When I was a little boy
I would play with the toys
After scouting out the hoods
I went to search in the woods
Animals, plants and people
I looked up - saw the steeple
Reverence and bloody tongues (?)
all became a steady rhyme
Then I fell out of bed
forgot everything that was said
I wandered off and didn't come back
didn't have nothing I could lack
Jack of trades to pay the rent
career somehow heaven sent
Now heaven's got some other name
I want nothing all the same.

2. Telephone Blues (one of the best - very calm and creepy with GREAT Neilsen percussion. Builds to jackhammer drums. Amazing)

The telophone is getting hazy
the molecules are splitting apart
it looks more white than black
it's a ghost of a telephone
not ringing now
I've got a lot of ghosts in the telephone
it knows a lot of secret things!
Telephone knows my name
it called me and I answered to stop the bell
I maybe don't need the telephone
It's making a ghost out of me!
So disintigrate your molecules
merge with all the space around.
I got the telephone blues
when I get up in the morning
I sure don't want to hear that thing
I lost my sharp edges in the mellow tones
All the ghosts are haunting me
I want to go there and find
the ghost without a phone

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