[Jandek] Newcastle Sunday lyrics (rest of disc one)

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Fri Feb 17 21:34:58 PST 2006

Looks like I got more done than expected. Disc two tomorrow, then, unless someone beats me to it.

PLEASE feel free to change words where I may have the wrong ones. Jandek's vocals are REAL clear here, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get the mumbles anymore.
so to continue:

3. Every Morning (style: dreamy, spooky, lots of phase - sets up a run of songs through the rest of the first half)

What am I waiting for?
just another sleeping turn.
I eat and drink like everybody else does
I walk around this place
Every morning I get up
and I want the day to end
I'm looking at the hours
when will be the closing time?
It didn't seem any different
when all the time I was getting bored (?)
Why should I do anything
when I feel this way?
Every morning when I get up
I want the day to end.

4. All of a Sudden (BRUTAL blues - starts with a time suspension but builds to a THRASHING end where Jandek is screaming the lyrics, and I mean SCREAMING)

Oh! You hurt me - you hurt me bad
I heard the explosion
I felt the pain
I can't stand up
Oh!!! You hurt me - you hurt me bad
I'm saying my last prayers
I'm sinking low
I got nowhere to go
Oh! You hurt me - you hurt me bad
I'm seeing white light all around
I must be unconscious
Oh!!!!! you hurt me - you hurt me bad!
My life is flashing through me
I see what I was
I must be gone
Oh!!!!!!!!you hurt me - you hurt me bad!

5. Locked Up (lots of jerky phase shifting)
I got two feet on my left
I got two feet on my right
they's walkin' me down to the electric chair.
All I did was kill my father, mother,
brother...sister, too.
Why do I have to die?
I was doing a good job
eating acorns from a tree
don't you come around me
be taking my acorns!
But bitter things were in my blood
I already had a charge
Oh why!!!! do I got to die?
The yellow trucks and red cars
the chuckles (???chocolates???) that you love
Oh!!!!why must I die?
Everything is making sense
locked up in my little room.

6. Put It Up (pulled back a bit - very tense)
Let's put it up, Mama
put it up on the shelf
You been gone away so long now
I hardly remember you
I'm going outside now
going to take a walk
I may walk for an hour
sit on down and stare
what you doing to me, Mama?
Let's put it up over there.
It's the same kind of stare
looking up over there
let's put it up, Mama
I can't take you down again.
Every time I see your hope 
breaking down again
Oh mama, mama, mama, mama
Let's put it up - please do!
Instead of talking to myself
I should be talking to you

7. Mangled and Dead (REAL abrasive buildup to throwdown - very punk, Swans-esque moment)

But I've gotten used to it
I know my wild world
You can (?), if you jump to beat me
I'll shoot you in the head
you'll be mangled and dead!
I'll blow the smoke - walk away
can you be my friend?
tell me you like me
I'm going down crying
what a sad life I got
but I know when to kill you
dirty rotten stalking beast
and when the blood is running 
from the center of your head
your eyes will be staring, hot, 
looking at me
the surprise that subdued you 
was a man prepared to die
I'll not be beholden
at the teeth-uh
of a beast.

(yes- that's a Mark E Smith moment there. It's definitely "teeth-uh.")

Disc two tomorrow.  

Oh, and if I didn't mention it the new catalog has this disc with an asterisk beside it. Below that it says "2 discs $12" so it's just a little more than normal.

I'm floored with this thing (you guessed that, right?)


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