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Thu Dec 28 21:26:57 PST 2006

Heyy Brian:)

How are you going?:) Please allow me to extend a warmest welcome to another 
member of the Jandek tribe. 

Hi Boris! Thanks for the welcome, I plan on participating a bit more in the discussions on the list from now on. I feel like I recently earned my "preaching about Jandek" badge after getting an A in my art class last semester...I'm not sure if anyone else here has done anything similar, but my final in the class was to do two pencil/ink/charcoal pieces and a collage, all with one central theme. My theme (predictably) was "Blues Turned Black", connecting Jandek's Six And Six album cover as a sort of "homage" to the famous Robert Johnson photo booth image. I did charcoal impressions of both of these images blown up, and then did a giant collage using only greyscale prints of Corwood album covers. When I presented my pieces at the front of the class, I played "Down In A Mirror" and explained my opinion that Jandek is the last of the real bluesmen. Of course, as you can all probably imagine, most people looked at me like I was crazy, but surprisingly some compared Jandek to Tom
 Waits, and one girl even insisted I send her some Jandek, and she has since gotten very very into it. 

Anyway, if anyone would like to see, I've uploaded photos of my three pieces to accompany my little story. I'm planning on sending copies of all three to the man himself, as well as a CD-R of these "reconstructions" I'm doing with Jandek's songs, basically using selected Corwood songs as source material for ambient music. 

Corwood album cover collage
Charcoal Robert Johnson
Charcoal Jandek

All the best, 


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