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Thu Dec 28 16:04:11 PST 2006

The song "Wrong Time" on Jandek's 1985 album "Nine-thirty" includes the line "You can put your bloody mind in a paper bag and eat it for lunch". The image you refer to was a sly reference to that - and arguably a somewhat clumsy one, since "mind" and "brain" are hardly the same thing. I can see how you interpreted it as you did, but it was merely an knowing nod to a particularly bizarre and enigmatic lyric. I think this may be explained on the commentary, though I haven't heard it for a while.

Thanks for pointing that one out! I do see the relation there, but again, kind of a lousy way of presenting it, esp. to an audience that probably wouldn't be able to relate it specifically to that lyric. Either way, the rest of the DVD has been thoroughly enjoyable (oh except that weird guy who kept saying Yandek). I really laughed my ass off when the guy said Eric Clapton couldn't tune his guitar according to his mood like Jandek could, and then there was this long awkward pause and he finally mumbles..."I love Eric Clapton, but he's no Jandek!"

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