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Paul Condon paulgcondon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 08:38:41 PST 2006

On 12/27/06, Aunt Acid <anxietyparty at yahoo.com> wrote:

Was anyone else really really turned off by the part of the DVD with the
> shot of the bloody brain on the bedsheets? ....I still expected the
> documentarians to have enough class to not let their movie fall into that
> very predictable slump of "Oh maybe he's like another Charlie Manson" etc
> etc.

The song "Wrong Time" on Jandek's 1985 album "Nine-thirty" includes the line
"You can put your bloody mind in a paper bag and eat it for lunch". The
image you refer to was a sly reference to that - and arguably a somewhat
clumsy one, since "mind" and "brain" are hardly the same thing. I can see
how you interpreted it as you did, but it was merely an knowing nod to a
particularly bizarre and enigmatic lyric. I think this may be explained on
the commentary, though I haven't heard it for a while.
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