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Hello everyone, I've been a member of the list for a little while now and it's my first time officially saying "hello", so nice to meet all of you, it's been interesting reading what alot of you have to contribute to the records and live shows, thanks and please go easy on me!

I should start by saying I'm a devoted fan who just became aware of Corwood earlier this year, thanks to a friend in New Zealand. I've since bought a bunch of the CDs and managed to track down a 12" of one of my favorites, On The Way. I got the Jandek On Corwood DVD for Christmas this year and something struck me about it, so I thought it worth bringing up here...

Was anyone else really really turned off by the part of the DVD with the shot of the bloody brain on the bedsheets? I don't know about you guys, but I'm really really sick of people drawing parallels between "non-conventional blues musician" and "psychotic killer". Sure, I can understand that a number of the people on the DVD who were listening since the very beginning may have thought that at one time or another, since the first few records really were just him and his guitar, but I still expected the documentarians to have enough class to not let their movie fall into that very predictable slump of "Oh maybe he's like another Charlie Manson" etc etc. 

Anyway, sorry for the rant there...I just feel like people associating him with killers is just as mundane as literally interpreting lyrics that suggest he's mentally ill, has cancer or AIDS, or anything like that. Art as potent and direct as Jandek's is so human I am always left scratching my head as to why it hasn't connected with way more people than it has. To me it sounds like the most basic primal storytelling one can do...social commentary, autobiography and poetic surrealism all in one!

All the best, 


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I have posted some further reflections on Indianapolis Saturday at http://treeowls.blogspot.com/

My thoughts about Jandek are too elaborate and constantly branching to post them generally here, however I have decided to let my story unfold inside of yours for the time being, and will continue to do so at that site.  So, I will start going back and posting hypotheses, insights, lies, and truths about the other albums/performances, and perhaps other books and music, at that location for the time being.


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Hmmm...but it's NOT insulting and sophomoric to react as though the mere 
insinuation/interpretation of a song/title were the most insulting thing in 
the world?  (Given Jandek's fondness for the blues, one should point out the 
song 'Back Door Man' ;) )

I'm reminded when I was 17 or so and Tom Selleck reacted with utter HORROR 
at the thought he might be gay.  Even though I had no idea of my sexual 
orientation then (well, not much), I remember thinking: 'That is a really 
DERANGED reaction, and says more than the insinuation does.'  In fact, I 
remember discussing that with friends of mine, and we all concluded the only 
reasonable response to such an allegation (if one weren't an utter 'phobe), 
would be along the lines of Joan Jett's clearest public statement: 'I'd be 
glad to be thought of as a lesbian' (with obvious modifications for gender, 

I doubt that Jandek/S.S. is gay, but that's not the point.

Tim, whose boyfriend was in Houston a while ago (turns out it was when 
Jandek would have been in Indiana, so I let him off the hook for not 
haunting the post office or calling Corwood Industries or looking for a tall 
skeletal redhead... :) ), and who heard JAILHOUSE ROCK today on the radio 
(did Elvis EVER think about the implications of those lyrics? It's a pretty 
gay song to me...)

"...men may become hairy as bears, if such is their fancy, without fear of 
excommunication or deprivation of their political rights." Charles Mackay

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