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Julia M. Fernandez julesmontrose at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 16:53:39 PDT 2006

These lyrics are transcribed from memory to the best
of my recollection, so some of these may be a little
off.  I'm just taking a stab at the song titles.  Many
people probably remember these better (and possibly
have a recording?)...

First song:
Jandek began playing, he and the band jammed out for a
bit, then he took the mic after a couple of minutes

I like you, too
I like you, too
I know the other guys like you
But I like you, too

I told you "I like you"
And you said "Thank you"
And I walked out the door

Second or Third song:
The only piece I can remember

I told you love you
A thousand times
But it wasn't enough 
To take your troubles away

Thank God the Pain is Gone:
I'm pretty sure there was quite a bit more to this
one.  I recall that he sang the first verse, then the
rest of the song, then repeated the first again.

Thank God I'm alive!
And the pain is gone!


Please God
Take this pain away!


The pain is gone
Thank God!
[Thank God for humanity?]

I Got the House:
I can't remember anything except the first part, which
was repeated:

I got the house
I got the car
I got the money
I got the time

Who's Mister is This?:
This was the song where the two women joined him on
stage - a very interesting addition which brought a
lot to the composition.  Someone uttered a laugh after
the first line, which was a fairly uncomfortable

Quantum physics got me down
(Who's mister is this?)
I'm praying in the church
(Who's mister is this?)
I'm riding on a train
(Who's mister is this?)
Who's mister is this?
(Who's mister is this?)

Eddie Was a Wino:
This was one of my personal highlights of the night. 
Very straightforward lyrically but the gaps and
suspense in the music leant itself well to

Eddie was a wino in New York
He asked if I wanted to go for a walk
So we went up the street

Eddie begged (or "panhandled"?) for money
And when he had enough
We went to a liquor store
He bought a pint
It was 20%
Wild Irish Rose
He found the doorway

[And went out on the street?]
[Glug glug glug?]
Mere seconds later
Empty bottle on the ground

I agree with everyone who said that they really
enjoyed the show.  I came in with no expectations -
whether it was brilliant or terrible, I was simply
hoping for a compelling performance, which it was to
an unbelievable degree.  But the music translated so
well and was really quite beautiful at times.

I know that many of you will disagree with me on this
but since it's impossible to talk about Jandek without
thinking about "Jandek the Man" and "Jandek the Myth"
I must say that I was somewhat surprised by him.

I had always agreed with Calvin Johnson that there was
nothing "crazy" or particularly out of the ordinary in
not wanting to participate in the music industry, nor
in self-expression.  While eccentric, I always
envisioned him as being perhaps shy and reserved but
not particularly unusual personality-wise.  

I don't know Sam Coomes personally, but when I see him
around town he generally seems to be in good spirits,
especially when he's on stage.  But there were moments
when he seemed quite frightened and there was a quiet
spat between Jandek and the drummer toward the end
which caught me a little off-guard.  Certainly not a
judgment on Jandek, and perhaps I'm reading into
things a little too much, but it did make me think

I look forward to hearing other peoples' thoughts
about the show.


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