[Jandek] Portland Show

Andrew Morgan andrewmorgansenior at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 15:53:39 PDT 2006

Went to the Portland show last night (I live in Seattle and took the
afternoon off... yeah!).  I must admit that I only own a few Jandek
albums and identify closely with a few songs but am pretty new to his
catalog as a whole.  Being from Houston (moved to Seattle two months
ago) I've always been entranced by the man, the myth, etc.  I went to
the show expecting to be impressed simply by him being there and
playing.  But what I didn't expect was to be completely FLOORED by the

Sam and the drummer were phenomenal in conveying the songs in a more
accessible fashion.  The song featuring "Thank God I'm Alive" was a
revelation.  Rich, full bass lines and outright SICK drumming. 
Rhythmic, engaging and a rounded out songs.  They were almost poppy,
definately hooky and I left the theater humming Jandek.  The girls
were a great surprise, and who doesn't love a beloved man trying his
best to ignore a standing ovation?

It was also good to see him smile at end of a few songs.  And he had
totally good stage presence.  From the pictures I've seen of other
shows he looked like a statue.  But he was contorting his body and
really getting into it.  Great!

I hope Corwood releases this on CD.  I've been to countless shows in
my life and can honestly say that last night's performace changed the
way I view live music.  Man...


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