[Jandek] impressions of Portland show

sleeve sleeve at efn.org
Fri Apr 21 18:04:50 PDT 2006

Big old theater, nice place, sold out.  The representative entered  
through a side door, all in black.  probably 90 minutes, no breaks  
but there were pauses between songs.  The backing was, to my ears,  
noticeably more "rock" than the primarily improv musicians used thus  
far, and I thought this made it interesting.  The man in black was  
rocking out at times, practically banging his head.  Some lyrics,  
paraphrased from memory

first song:

i like you too
i know other guys like you
but i like you too
she said "thank you"

and then, later:

thank god i'm alive
and the pain is gone
thank god for life
and the glory of humanity
i know we got troubles
but i don't care

I am probably not the only person here who finds those lines  
particularly interesting.  there were some quite beautiful parts in a  
song about wanting to be with someone all the time, at the end he was  
almost singing and Sam C was playing a bass melody.

then, a mindfuck yet again as two women got up on stage and performed  
backing vocals for a song that began "quantum physics got me down".   
they repeated a single line in a "Governor Rhodes" style call and  
response, that line being "whose mister is this?".

I saw the drummer today and he confirmed that the three "styles" were  
the same as before (blasted, blues, and ballads iirc) and that the  
representative was quite particular about what he wanted.  They had  
the standard day-of rehearsal, about three hours worth.

another lyric i just remembered:

the flowers are blooming
the placid river scintillates

there were two videographers present.  I left feeling pretty lucky.   
Quite an experience.  I was also struck by the slow deliberate aspect  
of his movements, it was very considered.  no interaction with the  
audience, but he smiled numerous times.  I also saw him tune once,  

Looking forward to other people's reports...


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