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Thu Apr 20 05:01:49 PDT 2006

Are you male or female?

How old are you?

What part of the world do you come from?
berlin, germany

How did you get into Jandek? What is your ‘story’?
i first heard about jandek through the naked in the afternoon
tribute compilation. at that point i wondered who this man was
who obviously had an very unique + enormous musical output and
yet seems so invisible compared to other artists. i then decided
to search the net for more information, not expecting to much
besides some record reviews or something like that.
but surprisingly enough i quickly discovered seth's site and
since then i am visiting this regularly many times a week.

How do you define being a Jandek fan? Do you consider
yourself a Jandek fan?
mmh, i would describe it like this: when you are listening to
many of his records over and over and are excited about the songs,
the records, and the myth of this man, then you are a fan to me.
i have listened to all the albums way through, except the new one,
so i guess i can say i am a fan, if you call it this way.

Why did you join the mailing list? How often do you
post? Do you receive posts in digest format?
i joined the mailing list because i liked the idea of finding out
how others perceive his work and to learn more about the jandek
phenomenon in gerneral. i like many of the theories here, concerning
album numbering or the sterling smith persona. also it is really
great to have first hand reports of concerts and lyric discussions as  

What do your friends and family think about Jandek?
What do they think about you listening to Jandek?
no one i know, has ever heard about jandek before i told them about it.
basically it is always the same reaction i get: what is that all about,
a lot of raised eye brows and the question how long you can listen to  
this stuff.
and yet i tell people about it, because if i love something this much,
i let people know if they are interested.

To what extent does the ‘myth of Jandek’ – the mystery
surrounding his identity – appeal to you?
the music comes first in my opinion. of course the mysterious  
of album releases, covers, handwritten notes and such add a wonderful
extra layer to everything connected to his work. but if it wasn't for  
the music,
i would have never got this much into the whole jandek thing. really.

Have you ever tried to contact Corwood Industries or
Sterling Smith for reasons other than placing an
order? What happened?
not yet, but i will do that sometime soon, just to see what kind of  
reaction or
answer i will get. it's funny to see the responses others got so far.
i guess i just have to :)

What is your perception of other Jandek fans?
mmh, until now, i never met someone like that in person but out of  
the experience
with this maling list i think they are a pretty open-minded bunch.
and clever as well, because of the theories they come up with.
a lot of people think they are weird because the music seems strange  
in the first
place, but it doesn't matter to me at all.

Why do you like Jandek?
that is a tough one. i got into it because i was fascinated with the  
records, that
guitar/ vocal style that didn't sound like anything else than jandek.
i think i can relate to his free form of expression and respect him  
for that.
also a lot of his lyrics (sometimes the music too) show a glimpse of  
his funny side,
which i really enjoy. the sarcasm and the occasionally improvised  
lyrics touched me
as much as the poetry-like stuff he has done.
it is totally honest on his part and that is something i appreciate  
and respect.

How often do you listen to Jandek?
many times a week. not everyday, but i listen to 3-4 albums (depends  
on mood)
in full the week over. on other days i listen to some tracks only,  
mainly in random
mode but occasionally i don't listen to anything else for a whole day  
or a weekend.

What other music do you listen to?
mostly indie records, radiohead, sonic youth, the notwist, hood, my  
bloody valentine,
a lot of electronic and experimental stuff, steve reich, to name only  
a few.
but basically it goes across the board, i listen to anything that  
moves me.

Is there anything I have not asked that you would like
to tell me?
as a kid i travelled with a circus.

good luck with your survey!

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