[Jandek] Jandek Show in Portland, OR tonight.

aerick duckhugger agentduckhugger at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 20 08:01:10 PDT 2006

So is anyone else heading o'er to see Jandek play at the Hollywood Theater 
in Portland, Oregon tonight? Had a friend of mine who lives down there pick 
me up a ticket so I'll be heading down that way from Olympia some several 
hours from now.

Odd I haven't seen anyone post anything about this show on the list yet.. 
then again.. I get impatient with this list (and others) sometimes... 
scrolling through things. Perhaps I just missed the posting about it.

If not, however.. here's a link to Jackpot Record's page with details on the 
event... as of last night they still weren't sold out.. so you might have a 
chance to get tickets to it... then again.. who knows.


Aerick "aSMm" Duckhugger

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