[Jandek] Jandek Survey

Robert Fawkes r.fawkes at arts.ac.uk
Thu Apr 20 02:26:59 PDT 2006

Are you male or female?


How old are you?


What part of the world do you come from?


How did you get into Jandek? What is your 'story'?

My friend did PR for the documentary at Raindance and passed me a copy
saying that it was weird enough that I'd probably like it.  I did!

How do you define being a Jandek fan? Do you consider yourself a Jandek

I suppose like any type of fandom a level of audience participation and
investment  is required.  I think Jandek ticks all the boxes when it
comes to being considered a 'cult' phenomenom and alot of what I read on
this message board demonstrates how his fans consume him in particular
ways.  I wouldn't consider myself a fan but I enjoy reading about fan
activities on this message board.  Its nice to hear from people commited
to a broad understanding of art and music.

Why did you join the mailing list? How often do you post? Do you use
the digest format?

As above. I post rarely but read most mail outs.

What do your friends and family think about Jandek?

Some think he's good, others think its bad, some don't even pretend to
have an opinion.

What do they think about you listening to Jandek?

That it probably makes sense to me.

To what extent does the 'myth of Jandek'  the mystery surrounding his
identity  appeal to you?

I like the modesty of it, and the ethics.

Have you ever tried to contact Corwood Industries or Sterling Smith
for reasons other than placing an order?


What is your perception of other Jandek fans?

Intelligent, music devotees!

Why do you like Jandek?

Great guitar playing and really good lyrics.

How often do you listen to Jandek?

About one album once a week.

What other music do you listen to?

jazz, world, blues, indie, avant, noise, rock....

Is there anything I have not asked that you would like to tell me?

The more I listen to Jandek, the easier he gets.  To me that suggests
that he's an excellent musician operating by a different set of rules.
Once you understand his style the rest follows fairly quickly.

Rob x

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