[Jandek] Impending apocalyptic omens?

The Enchanter Tim doesabearwoof at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 05:54:08 PDT 2006

Nearly 20 years ago (frighteningly), a friend and I did a one-off newsletter 
called GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE, in which I listed some of the signs of the 
impending apocalypse.

One was hearing the Velvet Underground on Muzak. (Fulfilled - was in a 
store, and David Sanborn's version of JESUS was playing)

While I think I'd READ about Jandek in those days, I didn't have any of his 
records, so this couldn't have made the list, but...

the other day, after listening to BLUE CORPSE (the album I listen to the 
most), I found myself whistling a Jandek tune.  No, not 'I Passed By The 
Building' - in fact, 'C F'.

shudder... ;)


"...men may become hairy as bears, if such is their fancy, without fear of 
excommunication or deprivation of their political rights." Charles Mackay

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