[Jandek] A thing about the 'remastered' albums, mainly '6&6'

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 19:12:39 PDT 2005

Just listening to the last of my boxset, the classic '6&6' album. When
I first heard this from a friends taping of it, part of it's appeal
was how murky and hissy the whole thing was, like an old blues 78,
giving it a whole 'fractal' or 'otherwolrdly' sonic dimension that you
just don't get with moderne muzak.

The new remix sounds somewhat 'cleaner', maybe not as mysterious, but
there's still that weird reverb effect on the whole thing that helps
it clang and shimmer along quite nicely. curious to know what other
Jankians think.


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