[Jandek] A thing about the 'remastered' albums, mainly '6&6'

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Thu Sep 29 15:15:11 PDT 2005

--- Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just listening to the last of my boxset, the classic '6&6'
> album. When
> I first heard this from a friends taping of it, part of it's
> appeal
> was how murky and hissy the whole thing was, like an old blues
> 78,
> giving it a whole 'fractal' or 'otherwolrdly' sonic dimension
> that you
> just don't get with moderne muzak.
> The new remix sounds somewhat 'cleaner', maybe not as
> mysterious, but
> there's still that weird reverb effect on the whole thing that
> helps
> it clang and shimmer along quite nicely. curious to know what
> other
> Jankians think.
> 10-4

I used to have this one on vinyl years ago, and thought it was
unlistenable.  The songs are some of his strongest, and I am
very happy with the sound quality upgrade of the CD.

I am almost 99% sure that the original lp was "mastered" by
plying back the master tape on 'something,' setting a microphone
close to the speaker and recording it again.  How else can the
microphone bonk during Point Judith be explained?  When I first
heard the LP I just figured he hit the mic stand with the edge
of his guitar while recording the take, but the bonk is present
on the lp and missing from the CD.  That is not really something
you can edit out of a master tape in post-production.

Of course the other question that comes to mind is:  why would
anyone do this?  My best guess (and this is a wild guess) is
that he recorded it on one type of tape deck (open reel,
cassette, beta,) the pressing plant required a different format,
and Jandek's equipment didn't have line-outputs to assist in the
format transfer.  So he probably thought:  Hey, why not?  If I
turn the air conditioner off and close the doors then there
won't be any extra noise...

...we all learn from our mistakes   :)

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