[Jandek] So my order of 20 CD's arrived today..

CJ Marsicano sempai at cjmarsicano.com
Wed Sep 21 09:23:22 PDT 2005

New guy to the list here. Not really to Jandek as I remember his Spin 
profile from 20 years ago; it was a random linkng in Wikipedia when I 
came across his entry that I got seriously interested in the man, 
starting with that righteous documentary. After that I ordered the 
first two albums from Forced Exposure but only got Six By Six (they 
were out of Ready's).

Anyway, I just got my first 20-count box from Corwood the other day and 
have barely skimmed the surface of it (only a few CDs played so far)... 
I only specified a few titles that I specifically wanted "Ready For The 
House", "Telegraph Melts", "Glasgow Sunday" and "Raining Down Diamonds" 
being four of the five I specified, don't remember what the fifth one 
was, but I asked Corwood not to include Six And Six as that was the 
only one I had before I made my order.

Soon as I go through all these sonic beauties I'll be sending a check 
to the Corwood rep for the rest of the catalog... watch him put out 
another album or two before that happens, right? Then again, since the 
mailers Corwood uses for these 20-count bulk sales actually hold 25 
CD's that might not be a problem. :)

On Sep 20, 2005, at 8:53 PM, Yuval Legendtofski wrote:

> Just thought I share the banal but 'Jandekianly compelling' details of 
> my order of 20 Cds from the elusive one:
>  I'm in Australia, so I basically  I made out an International money 
> order of $88 US dollars, plus the extra $8AUS that the post office 
> takes to make the order. I sent the order on the 1st of September, and 
> received my discs today the 21st - so three weeks round trip all via 
> snail-mail, which aint too bad, also cnsidering he had his live dates 
> to do. All up the guy conducts his business in an effiecent, reliable, 
> trustworth and fair manner - the fact the he footed most of the 
> 432.75US shipping fee is testament to that. not bad for a guy who 
> reputadly a 
> sschizophrenic-manic-depressive-avoidant-personality-disorder type - 
> though by the way he conducts his bizness seems to be more of a Mormon 
> or Babtist or something...!@#$!
>  I requested in my letter if Jandek could autograph a few CDs, but he 
> didn't, instead I got a copy of the catalogue with 'thanks' written on 
> the back. Interesting to note that despite his elusiveness, the bloke 
> still has to fill out an international customs form, of which, i guess 
> I got his 'real' autograph : Sterling R Smith.
>  10-4
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