[Jandek] Jandek -> Chicago

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Tue Sep 20 22:06:11 PDT 2005

Jandek is playing Chicago on Thursday, at the Empty Bottle.  Tickets on
sale now at ticketweb.com.

Here's the announcement the Bottle sent out:

>Acid Mother's Temple cancel, JANDEK mysteriously appears --
>Unfortunately, due to complications relating to some visa issues, ACID
>MOTHER'S TEMPLE have had to cancel their September 22nd appearance.
>Unbelievably, mysterious cult legend JANDEK has agreed to perform
>instead. This is, holy shit, as big as it gets folks. Perhaps the most
>enigmatic man in music, JANDEK has been, mysteriously, issuing albums
>for nearly thirty years with nary a word to the outside world. In a
>bewildering twist, JANDEK made his very first live appearance last year,
>unannounced to the larger world of course, and done so with no advanced
>fan fare. He has since agreed to only a handful of live performances, so
>one can't be sure when to expect the next. JANDEK will open the show on
>Thursday September 22nd performing promptly at nine. As we've said, it
>doesn't really get much more exciting than this. Tickets purchased for
>ACID MOTHER'S TEMPLE will of course be honored. 

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