[Jandek] So my order of 20 CD's arrived today..

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 17:53:07 PDT 2005

Just thought I share the banal but 'Jandekianly compelling' details of my
order of 20 Cds from the elusive one:

I'm in Australia, so I basically I made out an International money order of
$88 US dollars, plus the extra $8AUS that the post office takes to make the
order. I sent the order on the 1st of September, and received my discs today
the 21st - so three weeks round trip all via snail-mail, which aint too bad,
also cnsidering he had his live dates to do. All up the guy conducts his
business in an effiecent, reliable, trustworth and fair manner - the fact
the he footed most of the 432.75US shipping fee is testament to that. not
bad for a guy who reputadly a
sschizophrenic-manic-depressive-avoidant-personality-disorder type - though
by the way he conducts his bizness seems to be more of a Mormon or Babtist
or something...!@#$!

I requested in my letter if Jandek could autograph a few CDs, but he didn't,
instead I got a copy of the catalogue with 'thanks' written on the back.
Interesting to note that despite his elusiveness, the bloke still has to
fill out an international customs form, of which, i guess I got his 'real'
autograph : Sterling R Smith.

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