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Hi here are some lyric fragments from disparate Jandek records that I typed 
up because I think they give a clear view of his spiritual perspective when 
juxtaposed with one another I never read this list before so sorry if 
everybody knows this already

0742 Chair Beside A Window, "Down In A Mirror"

Your spirit's here laying on a white table
I can see it gleam it is sparkling in the sun
I wish I could leave this room and lock the key
Someday I would take hold your hand and let it be
In the skyway a shining path for you and me 

0744 Staring at the Cellophane, "A Letter"

I'll keep a place
Up in the sky
For you to live
Until you die
Until you die
Until you die 

0747 Interstellar Discussion, "The Spirit"

Lord, I know that you're the one
With me the morning sun

0750 Telegraph Melts, "The House Up On The Hill"

The house up on the hill
You gotta hurry when you go to the water
The house up on the hill
You gotta hurry when you go to the moon
It's getting mighty full
Hurry if you want to stay alive
Listen to me
It's seen so many days
It's seen a lot of days and it ain't makin' hay
And it's getting mighty full
Hurry to the water
The house up on the hill
Hurry to the moon
The house up on the hill
Hurry if you want, if you want what you want

0752 Modern Dances, "Spiritual Song"

There it goes again
Here we are once more
We're right on the edge of whatever you choose to be on the edge of
But it's kind of nice
And it's kind of calm
That you see these things without even having to die

0752 Modern Dances, "Nothing Is Better Than God"

I want to love you God
I want to know you God
I want to love you God
I want to be you
Is that wrong? Is that right? I don't think that's anything, God

0755 On The Way, "Wrap It Up"

I just wanna die
Oh, I'm living again
Isn't this the very end
But I'm living again
Yes it's the very end
It comes every century 

0760 Twelfth Apostle, "Native Land"

I lost my glasses and it's time to run
Into summer setting sun

0762 Glad To Get Away, "Morning Drum"

Oh can't you run
Waiting in the summer moon
Where it all begins
Waiting 'til the never end

0763 White Box Requiem, "Evening Sun"

When I live I will die
When I die I will live

0765 New Town, "Steal Away Home"

Steal away, steal away home
My Lord he calls me
He calls me by the thunder
The trumpet sounds within my soul
I ain't got long to stay here

0767 Put My Dream On This Planet, "It's Your House"

Don't you know, I'm ready for the house
I got this dream of my house
The one you gave me in my mind
I'm ready for the house 

0769 Worthless Recluse, "Worthless Recluse"

Disappearing to God's eye
And away from the eye of the world
Is the big step
Weaklings like me have to hang around, and play, and fudge, and delay
For fear of the big step
I'm just lucky I even know about it
The only reason I do know
Is I begged god to tell me about it
On my knees, screaming with pain
On the sixth floor, in New York City
So I'm telling you about it
Everyone doesn't have to live in northern doorways
To take the big step
Or go to the woods, or ice
We all have our way to go, but everyone knows
Now that I'm telling you
That there is something to do
A big step to take
Into the eye of God 

Just to mix it up here are some lyrics from the first record by Ed Askew

"Fancy That"

The songs that you sing to the sun turn into time
Fancy words
Forget your dreams and give away your mind
Throw away your memories and let your spirit die
And that is why you are dead when you love
And the sky is a fancy dream when you die
Fancy that
Seven fancy plastic prophets said that in time
All the people who lived to love in the sun would dissolve in a fire
Fancy fire


Parallel lines converge on a point in time
Where thoughts and the sound of lives wait for the next dream
Hands wait most patiently for ships to arrive on time
But what is this anyway
I wait for another day
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