[Jandek] OT: New Richard Youngs album

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Tue Sep 6 19:02:25 PDT 2005

Just thought the list might like to know:

Picked up the new Richard Youngs today (Naive Shaman) and it's terrific.  Most interesting thing?  It's ALL BASS (and drum loops, sampled sounds, etc).  Very cool stuff - I swear I like him better with each new album. He's working in an open style where each track lays itself open and allows him to emphasize his lyrics. Also, he's using his Pro-Tools to nifty ends, providing an electronic backup that, to me, never gets in the way of the songs. Obviously the Jandek connection makes this new bass album all the more interesting, but his songwriting is at a peak and I would recommend it to anyone who likes unique music.  There's a 17 minute long final track that is positively mind blowing.  Well worth checking out. 

We now return you to (I hope) plenty of info on the first NYC show...


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