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Tue Sep 6 21:01:16 PDT 2005

The show began over an hour past the scheduled time, and most of us were waiting outside considerably longer than that. Jandek on keyboards, accompanied by upright bass, electric guitar and drum kit. As expected, different lyrics than in Austin-- at least nothing I recognized from the published reports-- but just as uniformly down, with words and phrases like "depressed" "nothing special" "it doesn't matter" repeated from song to song. I wrote down (none too legibly, so these could be off a bit) "Sometimes feeling so physically good is depressing," "No creation here / Record a falling erection / The edifice of me." The bass player sometimes used a bow-- as did the drummer, bowing his snare during some of the later songs. The guitarist sat out the last couple of songs, more or less center stage, with his hands over his ears a good deal of the time, and it appeared to me that Jandek glared at him a couple of times during those songs, and at the end of the performance. I have no idea what was going on there. The guitarist may have been sick-- at one point towards the end he took something wrapped in tissue or paper out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth. He started leaving the stage without unplugging his guitar but there was no Three Stooges moment-- I couldn't tell if he pulled the cord out at the last minute or if it yanked itself free when he got to the edge of the stage. Very odd. More thoughts on this tomorrow-- I had a long drive home ahead of me and I left before the other acts came on (Yes, Jandek went on first, and I have no idea what was up with that, either).

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