[Jandek] Jandeks 2nd glasgow set

Shane Cullinane shanecullinane477 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 17:32:07 PDT 2005

a few quick notes on jandeks 2nd set of gigs at instal
this year... for a start he was the 4th act on. he
played 2 short sets. the first lasted about 20 mins
approx and was a duo with loren mazzacane connors on
guitar and jandek doing a spoken word piece over it.
he was very calm and relaxed in his delivery and his
voice was very clear and warm. the first section
started off with (and im probably mixing stuff up
here) jandek describing his arrival at a convention or
party where some lady tried to work her charms on him.
she was getting nowhere with him but there were lots
of other men there so it didnt matter...  it then
started getting very surreal with jandek recalling how
he started to realise everyone was a prisoner in this
place but nobody else realised. at the time i
interpreted this section as some sort of political
commentary but i have no idea really. loren mazzacane
was playing very subtle textures on the guitar, very
varied throughout but always very subtle and mostly
very quiet though often quite distorted too. it was a
match made in heaven! everything he played was just
perfect and they each seemed to be in tune with
eachother. after the first spoken section jandek
produced a mouth organ and played that for a few
minutes. it was very slow and calm and peaceful, and
loren started picking out a short melody. it was
really amazing and really beautiful! the second spoken
section was addressed directly to somebody and was
more personal. this second person had a heart attack
and jandek carried this person to the car and drove
them to the hospital. there was talk of holding
eachother and feeling like he could hold the person
forever. i wish i could remember the lyrics better!
this stuff was amazing!! there was then another
instrumental section similar to the first. the third
spoken section covered similar territory to the
second, though half way through jandek started singing
the words  really gently and loren MC dropped away for
a while. he was singing melodically although there was
no real melody as such. loren came back in slowly and
the lyrics wound up (i think) with a repeat of the
lines about feeling like he could hold this person
forever. there was another few minutes of mouth organ
and guitar and then it was over. it was one of the
best things ive ever heard! loren looked like he
really enjoyed it and was grinning away, though jandek
just got on with getting ready for the second set
which featured alan licht on guitar, heather leigh of
charalambides/scorces/tarpus tula on pedal steel and
jandek on drums. the kit consisted of three toms and
two cymbals - two toms and a cymbal to jandeks left
and the other cymbal and tom to his left, and he
played them quite rythmically with mallets. this was a
very full on set, heather was flailling away at the
pedal steel and doing a lot of wailing, and alan licht
was belting away too. they built up an unrelenting
wall of noise that reminded my a lot of pink floyds
"saucerful of secrets". it was a fun set, and was
really loud and rocking, it went on a little longer
than it really needed to but it made a nice follow up
to the first set which was the better of the two.


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