[Jandek] Fan letter

The Enchanter Tim doesabearwoof at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 16 14:28:05 PDT 2005

So I sent a fan letter to Jandek, along with a copy of some of my tunes - 
and, yes, at the end of the note, I said happy birthday (I didn't send a 
card or anything - I thought that would be discreet and lowkey enough not to 
disturb our janky pal...).  Hope to get a little note back, to add to my 
celebrity letters in my jewelry box (which contains no jewelry).  Still have 
a letter from Quentin Crisp - even if I never was able to make out the last 
word in the letter in his handwriting - and, though I had a good 21 months 
before his death to write and ask, never got around to it... :(


"...men may become hairy as bears, if such is their fancy, without fear of 
excommunication or deprivation of their political rights." Charles Mackay

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