[Jandek] saturday's show?

Jonathan 23 bad_dreams at elvis.com
Tue Nov 15 13:04:25 PST 2005

>By the way, there is one thing I have forgotten to mention. The Avanto
>festival where Jandek is playing always releases a festival-cd to coincide
>with the performances. This year it seems that they are doing it after the
>festival and are including live-performances from the festival on the cd.
>And most interestingly the word is that a Jandek song WILL be included on
>this cd. So, it'll be the first non-Corwood release of Jandek material! This
>is from a reliable source.

 that's interesting news, but it's not true that this will be the first
 non-corwood release of jandek material, as a jandek song was included
 on a non-corwood underground cassette compilation at some point in the
 80s. i see the tape up for auction from time to time on eBay, so it
 definitely exists, and jandek did reportedly give his permission for
 its inclusion, according to reliable sources.




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