[Jandek] Jandek in belgium.

Jungle jungleklan at pandora.be
Tue Nov 15 08:44:22 PST 2005

He arrived in belgium on tuesday and was recognised by a friend in the
streets of Hasselt.
He did not check into the hotel the organisation booked for him.
He chose another place to stay.
Peoople saw jandek on the banks of the "DEMER' river and in The public parks
of Hasselt.
He checked into the venue saturday morning11 O clock. Checked the sound and
asked for only blue lights, he played on the accoustic piano for an hour and
he dissapeared as he came.
he only returned just minutes before the show and got on stage immediately.
the ancient clock that stands behind the bar and that worked normally for
six years suddenly  stopped ticking the moment jandek went on stage.
120 peaple in the hall. jandek opened a tekst book he was carrying  and
played for an Hour. only in blue light.
he played the same thing for 7/8 of the time. with his left hand he played
easy paterns and improvised simple melodies with his rght.. many people left
the hall in tears before the ending og the show.
people applauded after every song. For the rest of the time the public was
very quit . We could hear some people receiving SMS massages and there was
tumult at the bar. but jandek was not bothered by that as far i could see.
he sang about 'putting my head on the railway tracks' or 'strychnine poison
in my glass.'
after the show he spend minutes in a dressing room where he
refused the 1500 Eu he was given to play and instead demanded the audio
recording of the show telling the promotor corwood was going to release the
concert on CD later. then he deapeared again.
a delegation of 'Die Berliner Kunst Bienale' was there, they want to do a
special about Jandek's cover art in 2006.
I also met a Dutch painter who trades Paintings wirh jandek for original
jandek photo'z that look like the covers of the albums.


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