[Jandek] saturday's show?

Mark Greenberg mark at mayfairrecordings.com
Tue Nov 15 13:54:03 PST 2005

Also there was that Jandek track on the release below on Secretly Canadian.


An album dedicated to a tradition & routine so common to our everyday lives
yet so rarely captured to tape. Featuring some of the most distinctive
voices in music today, all without instrumental accompaniment. Featuring
Appendix Out, Richard Buckner & PW Long (duet), Danielson Famile, Drunk,
Dave Fischoff, the Grifters, David Grubbs, Jandek, the Japonize Elephants,
Jarboe, Damien Jurado, Suzanne Langille, Nikki McClure, Modest Mouse, the
Panoply Academy Die-Cast Cadets, Pedro the Lion, Elliot Sharp, Songs: Ohia,
Swearing At Motorists and Mia Doi Todd, as well as the voices behind God Is
My Co-Pilot, Low, Red House Painters and Two Dollar Guitar
Release date: 06/01/00

>By the way, there is one thing I have forgotten to mention. The Avanto
>festival where Jandek is playing always releases a festival-cd to coincide
>with the performances. This year it seems that they are doing it after the
>festival and are including live-performances from the festival on the cd.
>And most interestingly the word is that a Jandek song WILL be included on
>this cd. So, it'll be the first non-Corwood release of Jandek material!
>is from a reliable source.

 that's interesting news, but it's not true that this will be the first
 non-corwood release of jandek material, as a jandek song was included
 on a non-corwood underground cassette compilation at some point in the
 80s. i see the tape up for auction from time to time on eBay, so it
 definitely exists, and jandek did reportedly give his permission for
 its inclusion, according to reliable sources.


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