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Sat May 28 07:21:08 PDT 2005

>I sell a lot of CDs, both Jandek and other, to UK customers and I 
>have found that UK customs is the toughest and slowest of any I've 
>encountered. When sent, the sender must declare what the contents 
>are and it's value, Smaller shipments use a short "Green" form and 
>larger shipments use a longer more detailed form. I never mark any 
>items as gifts but I do use a low value on marginal value shipments 
>and I've never heard of any problems so far. It's my understanding 
>that items under aprox 40 dollars are not taxed. Since Corwood 
>offers a flat 10% shipping charge, you might consider ordering them 
>20 at a time and request whatever value you would like to be put on 
>the form. I would think that 20 CDs would be small enough for the 
>Green form which appears to go through more easily.

i'm not sure this is true - 20 CDs is pretty big to the USPS.  i ship 
a lot of stuff through ebay and i think the larger white form would 
have to be filled out for something that heavy.  that form goes into 
more detail and is harder to "hide" things on.

but i agree that something of this size could not be called a "gift" 
since they'd be declaring 20 CDs coming from a business name.  if you 
ask corwood politely, they may ship the CDs with a value of $1.00 
each with the word "promo" marked on the form.  this would keep the 
dollar value below $40 and explain the business name, and *hopefully* 
no tax would be charged to you.

>By the way, surface shipment takes forever to the UK

this is true.  don't do surface mail, to OR from, unless you're 
prepared to wait, especially for a big box (which customs may open). 
the alleged time is 6 weeks but it can be more like 2 or 3 months.

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