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Sat May 28 05:50:04 PDT 2005

This idea of Jandek's mystique being cultivated is almost  impossible. He has 
shunned public appearances for over 30 years, not  just since an audience was 
developed. Anyone who has any sense at all would have  abandoned such a 
"business model" long long ago. Based on his lyrics he seems  very intelligent and 
NOT crazy. Even today I'm sure that his CD sales are  not much more than self 
financing, which is his goal in my opinion. If  this idea was correct then he 
would become even more mysterious now that it's  proven to work. Not less so. 
He has done many things to indicate  that he does want to sell CDs and get his 
music out there but nothing to market  them in any kind of active way. People 
who have wanted his stuff have been able  to get it.
I dought that he is simply trying to protect his personal life and space  
however. There are many ways an artist can make themselves available for  
promotional purposes with out giving up any personal information at all and many  do 
My guess is he has Social Phobia. I know someone with this and he has most  
of the same symptoms. They are NOT crazy acting at all and completely capable 
of  functioning normally provided they are not the center of attention or have  
to deal with strangers often. They are not actually afraid of the public,  
just  anxious and uncomfortable. Otherwise they are perfectly normal and  Not 
paranoid or  schizophrenic at all. Its exactly the  same as being shy only 
turned up to 11. 
I'm sure that he is happy to have a loyal fan base and maybe his going live  
was simply an effort to reward them.
_http://www.socialphobia.org/_ (http://www.socialphobia.org/) 
I've got a few questions for those that went.
Was there any press there?
Did anyone try to hang around and meet him  or get  a photo  at all after the 
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