[Jandek] UK orders direct from Corwood

Flcon18Fan at aol.com Flcon18Fan at aol.com
Sat May 28 03:46:43 PDT 2005

I sell a lot of CDs, both Jandek and other, to UK customers and I have  found 
that UK customs is the toughest and slowest of any I've encountered. When  
sent, the sender must declare what the contents are and it's value, Smaller  
shipments use a short "Green" form and larger shipments use a longer more  
detailed form. I never mark any items as gifts but I do use a low value on  marginal 
value shipments and I've never heard of any problems so far. It's my  
understanding that items under aprox 40 dollars are not taxed. Since Corwood  offers 
a flat 10% shipping charge, you might consider ordering them 20 at a time  and 
request whatever value you would like to be put on the form. I would think  
that 20 CDs would be small enough for the Green form which appears to go 
through  more easily. By the way, surface shipment takes forever to the UK and make 
sure  you ask Corwood to put your phone number on the package or form in case  
Customs does want to contact you.
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