[Jandek] UK orders direct from Corwood

krakow krakow81 at gmail.com
Fri May 27 08:35:08 PDT 2005

Searching the archives I see that similar questions have been asked
before, however I can't actually find any answers, hence my asking yet

I'm seriously considering buying the entire discography direct from Corwood.

I understand that for orders of 20 or more cds the price is $4 per cd,
and that international orders add 10%.
This makes $180.40, or somewhere in the region of 100, which is
pretty phenomenal value.

My main concern is as regards customs. Being lumbered with the import
tax/duty would really put a dampener on the excellent price.
What experiences has anyone had with buying in the UK from Corwood?
A box of 40 cd's, or even a box of 20, is going to be pretty large. Is
it too much to hope that this will slip through customs without
I've ordered cds from the US before without problems, but never in
such large amounts.
Will Corwood mark them as gifts or promos or whatever, so as to avoid
customs? Does doing this actually work for such a large amount?

Thanks in advance



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