[Jandek] Jandek in Glasgow...

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Yeah I am from Glasgow, but I must make clear... it was not his nature.
He is a crazy old bastard and can act any way he likes... it was the way
the crowd pander too it and exacerbate all the rumour and conjecture by
playing up to it.
hell, if we gave the guy a round of applause after the first song maybe
he would have stopped and cracked a few jokes or told us an amusing
anecdote or something...  but yeah, what do I know, I don't read the
wire and I think those that do are assholes.

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	Steve, what a great post! Someone walking out of a Jandek
show?!?!? Quel scandale!!! I love it! I take it you live near Glasgow.
But if you travelled great distances only to have Jandek's prickliness
(suddenly?) piss you off to the point where you actually leave (!), then
you're the punkest of all punk rockers that ever wert! It's like someone
travelling from, oh, Indonesia to see Charlie Parker play in the 1940s,
only to leave the venue upon learning that dancing is forbidden.
	Kevin John 

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