[Jandek] Re: 3 Jandek questions for The Dallas Morning News

Richard Rees Jones richard.rees-jones at ntlworld.com
Thu May 26 00:15:44 PDT 2005

Seth Tisue wrote:
>I strongly object to all this talk about "mystery" and "mystique", as if
>constantly explaining your own art and sharing your private life with
>the press is somehow normal, and letting your music speak for itself
>somehow isn't.  (Calvin Johnson expressed this same thought well in the
Oh come on Seth :)  I kind of know what you mean, and if I'd been 
asked the same question by a journalist I'd have been tempted to have 
a dig at him myself.  But let's face it, Jandek *is* mysterious. 
Even if only because his model of not doing interviews or, until now, 
making public appearances is one that has never been followed by any 
other recording artist, as far as I know.


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