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>Yeah I am from Glasgow, but I must make clear... it was not his 
>nature.  He is a crazy old bastard and can act any way he likes... 
>it was the way the crowd pander too it and exacerbate all the rumour 
>and conjecture by playing up to it.
>hell, if we gave the guy a round of applause after the first song 
>maybe he would have stopped and cracked a few jokes or told us an 
>amusing anecdote or something...  but yeah, what do I know, I don't 
>read the wire and I think those that do are assholes.

everyone who reads a particular magazine is an asshole?  you can 
state that without meeting every single reader?  how nice.

i wasn't there, so i couldn't see how the crowd were "acting".  but 
from what's been said, it sounds like no one clapped because they 
were asked not to for the purposes of the recording.  i think if i'd 
been there i would have respected that request.

also, if i'd waited years and traveled a long distance to see a 
musician i never thought there was a hope of seeing live, i'd want to 
hang on every note and be caught up in the experience.  not to 
mention that i'm sick of shows where people show up just to look cool 
but actually sit in the back and talk loudly and drink beers 
throughout the performance.  now those are the assholes.

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